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    The Coil Master 521 Plus Tab is a totally redesigned and multi-functional device continuing the heritage of former versions of the world famous tab line, in order to dry burn your coil, test the battery output and voltage, as well as checking each coils resistance value. The tab is compatible to both single and dual battery mode.

  • $28.00

    Driven by a single 18650 battery, Coil Master 521 Mini V2 Tab is a handy compact device for vapers. It is a multi-functional device that acts as an ohm meter, voltage drop checker, rebuilding station and firing test station.

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    Perfect all-in-one kit for DIY users. The Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is the modern edition of the fully-loaded building kit, catering for a wide range of builders ranging from beginners to advanced.

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    The GeekVape Flask is a multi-functional liquid dispenser that can be used to fill squonker mods or as a conventional dripping/filling bottle. It is made out of acrylic and PC engineering plastics and uses a removable soft silicone internal bottle for long term economical usage due to its replaceable capability.

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    Material – Aluminium & Stainless steel